denk an nichts.



denk an den clown,
der in der badewanne weint,
dem der kaffee auf die pantoffeln tropft.

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my fingertips are holding onto the cracks of our foundation,
and i know that i should let go -
but i can't.
and everytime we fight i know it's not right,
and i know i should forget -
but i can't.

im stuck on you. i cant get any further away from you as i am right now, cause this is already too much for me. and where should i go? the only place for me i could imagine trough the last month was beside you, close to you, holding your hand, kissin you.. im nothing without you. and i will never become more without getting all of that.
i should forget, i should forget, you have to shut off the whole thing,
shut off with all your dreams and wishes cause they wont turn into real no more, even though youre still tryin to fight, even though you still struggle against reality and certain things that happend:
girl, you have to let go. at this moment, at this point, with a view on what happend for the last last month, its the best you can do. (for you!)
dont destroy yourself this way, and the million others ways which are available and kind of attractive to you now. and i know you ask yourself why everything has got this way, but  theres always a reason, although you might not see it right now, and think everythings your fault.
but hold on, you will surely see better times, and if you cant believe it, im here to promise you.
let go.
and don't look back.
it hurts with every heartbeat, i know.
but  tomorrow it'll be easier,
the day after tomorrow a bit more easier,
and at some time, you will see a day,
when all the hurt you feel is gone.
i promise.

12.10.07 03:46

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