denk an nichts.



denk an den clown,
der in der badewanne weint,
dem der kaffee auf die pantoffeln tropft.

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yes, i wanna live, not just breath.
no, i wanna burn, and theres nothing to lose.
rather three years of adventure, than 30 years in the coldness of life.
yes i wanna live, that means fighting as well.
against the dying, and thats a part of me too.
yes i wanna live, fighting alive.
yes i wanna burn - with you.

we're all like animals. domesticated and caged.
and we're working pretty well in this bustle,
full of silent screams nobody hears.
and we tell each other already <<thats life>>
but at the back of bolts, life just starts.
and life means more than a pulsation.

and stop, stop telling me there's nothing else,
i believed it way too long.
you divested me of my dreams
and tears for so long.

you divested me of my dreams
and tears for so long.


ask yourself,
are you fortunate with your life?
is what you're doing, really what you wanna do?
are you saving time, and what are you saving it for?
if there was a movie about life, would you watch it?
would it fascinate you?
six euro for an hour full of work,
what would you pay for a sunny day out in the park?
three coffee at a notch, cost as much as an hour of your life.
would start doing things differently if you knew you'd die next year?
and who says that you're still alive then?
every passed moment in presence, is a moment that'll be gone forever.
do you have ideas? or does ideas got you?
do you sometimes feel lonely in a certain way too?
in a way words can't describe?

21.10.07 22:59

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